You Always Get No matter which location you pick, you get something special!

Countless of memorable and curated experiences gathered in one place, that’s how we do it. We’re all about making you feel the difference when staying with us. So, we have been putting our imagination at work. The result: a selection of hand-picked goodies you get exclusively with us. Some are specifically for all our luxury boutique hotels, but overall they are features you always get, no matter where you choose to stay. Wether you are staying two or just you, with the family, or simply dropping in for a meeting here – we got a little something special.

With time, some have even grown to be what we in term call ‘Signatures’ – something you can recognize us from and that stand out as part of the Brøchner experience. Like a pinky-promise from us to you.

Below you get a lineup of what we are particularly delighted to serve you. Here’s what we came up with...

On the house

At all hotels

Let’s start off with these attention-grabbing signatures. When you stay with us, you are always invited for both Wine Hour and Nightcap Hour in our lobby bar, where we offer afternoon wine and late-night tipples on the house – every day! Now, did we get your attention?

Organic Breakfast

At all locations

Every morning when we serve up the best organic breakfast in town at all our locations. In other words, our signature: GOOD MORNING. IT’S ORGANIC! And when we call it organic, we mean it - over 90% of the breakfast is organic, where the products are as close to home as possible and preferably from...


At all locations

You get a local experience by just staying with us. But there’ s another way too. We call it: GO LOCAL. And here you actually ‘go local’ and explore spot-hitting local spots handpicked by us in Copenhagen.

All Inclusive Bar

Brøchner premium
with all-inclusive bar

For all our suites
Brøchner Hotels - Special Perks At all our hotels - For all our suites
Brochners Friends

Brøchner's friends
get a free night

Brøchner Hotels - Special Perks At all our hotels - Explore

Special Perks

At all our hotels

We've taken suites to a whole new level & replaced it with something out of the ordinary. BRØCHNER PREMIUM with an ‘All-Inclusive Bar’! If you love hanging with us, you can join our reward club BRØCHNER'S FRIENDS - you'll love the benefits!

Meetings whereEverything is included

At all our hotels

Host your meeting or conference at any of our luxury hotels, and we give you not just unique surroundings and state-of-the-art technology - we also promise you that the bill won’t grow throughout the day. It’s all inclusive!

Calling All Kids

- and their parents!

Kids are a pretty big thing around here, so we have done our best to make all our luxury hotels kid-friendly and fun. You might even start a new family tradition and visit every year. That would be awesome!

Urban terraces

On the rooftop or as hidden gems

Go up up up at Hotel Danmark…you’re find a rooftop terrace with a sweeping 360-degree view of Copenhagen and beyond. Keep an eye out for our summer events here too!

Urban terraces

On the rooftop or as hidden gems

At Hotel SP34 you can take a seat in the cool urban terrace. Nestled between the colorful charming Copenhagen buildings, light bulbs, and green plants you'll be sure to find a cosy spot with a pinch of "international vibe".

Urban terraces

On the rooftop or as hidden gems

On the very top of Hotel Ottilia, you find a rooftop terrace with a superb 360o view of the historic buildings. It also comes with a restaurant that’s a breakfast spot by day, an authentic Italian food spots by night.

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