About Us What makes Brøchner?

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we want to rethink the concept of a stay with extraordinary guest experiences.

For us, a stay is not just a room or a bed. It is a passion. It is to feel welcome. Everyone, hotel guests or not, can “check in” with us. It is a place to meet, where you can come and go, but also where you can linger. We always have an open spot for a cocktail in the bar, a good cup of coffee in our social spaces, or a spot to enjoy our organic breakfast. Equally important is that you always experience the personal warmth of our service from our team. That’s why we call them hosts and hostesses. They host your experience.

We believe that all this combined are why guests choose to stay with us – and why they come back.

Below you can see each chapter of what makes Brøchner Hotels...

Hotel Ottilia Social Space Details

We are A danish family-owned brand with international vibe

We are a family-owned company with a leading line of award-winning 4+ star boutique hotels, design hostel and luxury hotel apartments in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Copenhagen is where it all began. And it is also here you find all of our locations. Our sites include Hotel SP34, Hotel Ottilia, Avenue Hotel Copenhagen, Hotel Danmark, and SP34 Apartments. Each place has its own character with respect for the history and original architecture of the building they are set in.

Distinct buildings, unique architecture and cool design are key, when it comes to what we do. Generosity with great care and attention is key, when it comes to who we are how we do things. So much that this is our clear mission for the company.

To create distinct locations with great care and attention. 
A mission that has stayed the same ever since we were founded. It is reflected in everything we do and how we do it - across all our properties. 

On our ‘wall of fame’, we are quite proud to list acknowledgements by both Wallpaper*, Condé Nast Traveler, and AHEAD Awards with various design and hotel awards and nominations.

Ever wondered how we started? Here’s a little piece of the Brøchner history… 
In 1982 Brøchner Hotels was established by Bergliot and Hans Brøchner-Mortensen. Today their son, Søren Brøchner-Mortensen and his wife, Mette Brøchner-Mortensen, own the company. When Søren Brøchner-Mortensen took over, he set ambitious goals. He wanted to renew the concept of boutique hotels altogether, and to focus on opening units in buildings with unique architecture, history, and design. Something that is still part of our DNA. 
On our journey, we have opened the famous designer-icon, Hotel Fox, and a 5-star luxury hotel in a former transformation station. And you never know what will happen next! 
Hotel Ottilia Facade Exterior (7)

We develop In distinct excisting buildings

With us, every brick has a story – from the iconic Carlsberg brewery buildings to a former bank.

We aim at creating unique locations, that become must-visit destinations. When we develop a new property, it is the passion that drives us. A passion focusing on a unique experience. From the first architectural drawing to the final touch. Therefore, both the architecture of the building and the local area play an essential part in finding new sites.

And we never sit still. We are always evolving our company and developing on our portfolio of properties. Get some more insights here...

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We create Extraordinary experience

We want you to feel a special vibe when visiting us - something you won’t find anywhere else.

We are focused on creating memorable and curated experiences. So much that they become extraordinary. For both our guests, our partners, locals, and our team.

The atmosphere and mood at our locations are essential. Everything is tailored and costumized. From bespoke design over the specific mood of lighting, to the choice of music and the specific scent of the place. We make every detail count.

You see for us, a stay is not just a room or a bed. It is an experience. As part of that experience we work with three values below. It’s how we do things, how we act and who w are. They are the core and essence of our culture.

Our Values

Core to our culture are our three values. They are the DNA of who we are, how we work and how we work together.


Acting responsible is always in fashion with us. We are committed to acting responsibly towards our guests and each other, in our daily tasks and business, and the environment.


It is the passion that drives us. It is the nerve in everything we do – from the way we build hotels, to the way we meet our guests and how we serve a drink. It is in the difference we make for everyone around us.


We do everything with warm hearts and care in the relationships we form and the way we run our company. It is our commitment to our team, our guests, and our community.

Brochner Organic Lager

We Rethink Don't do ordinary

You could just stay at an ordinary place - but that’s not really how we do things.

With the phrase ‘We don’t do ordinary’, we want to set the scene for those extraordinary experiences. It is reflected in everything we do and how we do it. And everything we don’t, for that matter.

We want to stand out from a traditional stay across every touchpoint. We've thrown all the "classic" principles overboard. From the overall design and conceptual elements to the details of how our signs look, what we call our breakfast, how we serve a drink, how we dress, how our elevators look and how we host our events.

But what makes it ‘not ordinary’? Take a look at how we do things – The Brøchner Way.

we care

We Care for the people & the planet

When we say that we believe in being a company with care andattention, we mean it!

We are committed to acting responsibly towards the environment, our community and to taking care of the people around us - and inspire guests and suppliers to do so as well. It is essential to address the challenges of today - so we can create extraordinary experiences tomorrow. Simply put.

See how we ensure a positive impact on the planet, guest andpartners, the team and local community.

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You could just stay at an ordinary place - but that’s not really how we do it.

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