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You have a fully equipped kitchen in the apartment, but if you just want everything prepped and ready for you – we’ve got you covered from morning to evening… 
Every morning, we serve the best organic breakfast in town at Hotel SP34. In other words, our breakfast buffet: GOOD MORNING. IT’S ORGANIC! Over 90% of the breakfast is organic with a wide array of delicious and healthy morning treats including beverages. We also got loads of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. You can enjoy it in the restaurant - or bring it to your apartment. Whatever is most convenient for you. 
For lunch and dinner, you can enjoy some of the best restaurants. You have not just one but three different restaurants to choose from – burger joint, local café or Nordic cuisine. Now, what to choose? 
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Downstairs a packed bar awaits – and we are ready to serve you 24/7. Order directly to your apartment – or take a seat in the social spaces and feel the hotel buzz. During summer season, you can also grab a drink in the bar on the urban terrace. 
Besides having all the good stuff (a bar should have), you find one of the largest selections of port wine in Denmark - and special port wine cocktails to top it off with! 
When you stay with us, you can get your daily morning-kick with free coffee in the lobby bar from 6-11 AM. And you are also invited for both Wine Hour and Nightcap Hour, where we offer afternoon wine and late-night tipples on the house – every day! 
Want to know more about the bar - then drop by Hotel SP34...