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Organic breakfast &
3 different restaurants

Every morning, we serve the best organic breakfast in town surrounded by plants, lightbulbs… and a green house. In other words, our breakfast buffet: GOOD MORNING. IT’S ORGANIC! Over 90% of the breakfast is organic with a wide array of delicious and healthy morning treats including beverages. We also got loads of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

For lunch and dinner, you can enjoy some of the best restaurants - without leaving the hotel! You have not just one but three different restaurants to choose from – burger joint, local café or Nordic cuisine. Now, what to choose?

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day (do we even need to ask)? Then get all the insights onto our breakfast concept here...

Lobby Bar and Social Space
Hotel SP34 Wine Hour Social Space
Bar  Portwine (Custom)
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In the bar
& on the house

The vibe, the drinks, the people – our bar is vivid spot full of buzz, where both guests and locals hang side by side. It’s the perfect spot to soak up that vivid atmosphere. Now, that’s the vibe of the bar. On the shelves, you find all the good stuff a decent bar should have, we’ve got a few magical things our sleeves (like our own wine, beer, and gin). First, you’ll find the largest selection of port wine in Denmark. From a classic Tawny to rosé port wine - and special port wine cocktails to top it off with! Alongside the port wine, you have unique wine bottles as part of our distinct Black Book selection. But we’re not done yet…

Can you imagine, complimentary wine every day? Well, we put it into reality. We call it Wine Hour. You get wine on the house every day from 5-6 PM, and for the night owls wet top it off with Nightcap Hour with tipples on the house from 10-11 PM.

More curious about what's on the shelves? Well, here you go...