23. January 2019

Denmark’s leading boutique hotel chain Brøchner Hotels, are known for doing things differently. Not only when it comes to converting iconic architecture in the heart of Copenhagen into unique boutique hotels. Now Brøchner Hotels launches a new alcohol-free bar concept No/Low in addition to their usual bar menu, at all their lobby bars.

Even though alcohol-free beer and wine have been on the market for many years, an international trend is emerging these years, focusing on non-alcoholic liquor. No/Low stands for “Non or low alcoholic drinks” and in Denmark, the Danish boutique hotel chain Brøchner Hotels are now launching the concept with new alcohol-free alternatives for their international and local guests at their six boutique hotels in Copenhagen.

,,We have experienced increased demand for non-alcoholic products in our lobby bars, and expect for this demand to increase significantly in the coming years. More and more people that go out and enjoy a drink during the week, do not want the side effects of alcohol. This applies especially to our local guests, who may not be on vacation, but maybe have to go home to their family or to work the day after”, says Director of Procurement at Brøchner Hotels, Christian Lond, who is responsible for the hotel chain’s bar supply and sales.

Sales of non-alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine is growing significantly. The international sale of beer and cider with an alcohol percentage of less than 1.2% increased by almost 30% in 2017 compared to 2015, while the demand for low and non-alcoholic wines increased by 8%, according to the analysis agency Kantar Worldpanel.

According to numbers from the Danish Brewery Association, sales of non-alcoholic beer increased from 938,000 litres in 2014 to 3,200,000 litres in 2017. In 2017, sales of non-alcoholic beer accounted for 1.1% of total sale of beer in Denmark.

For their new ‘No/Low’ concept, Brøchner Hotels has developed an entire bar menu with non-alcoholic alternatives to both beer, a glass of bubbles as well as classics such as Gin & Tonic and Dark n ‘Stormy.


Brøchner Hotels is known for inviting both hotel guests and locals into their boutique hotels’ bars and restaurants, which are open to everyone. Because of this, it is of course important for the hotel chain to live up to this with the selection of beverages offered.

,,When we say that everyone is welcome, we mean it. Our lobby bars have an extensive selection of liquor, wine, and soft drinks, and we also want to be known for having the best alternatives to classic alcoholic drinks. With our “No/Low” concept, we have extended the bar menu with tasty non-alcoholic products, so people who do not want to drink alcohol, are not limited to a soda or juice. Now guests can get an alcohol-free ‘Dark n’ Stormish’, which actually tastes like the original, and at the same time get a great bar experience,” explains Christian Lond.

The alternative to the original gin or rum is based on flavourings from the same basic ingredients. Instead of alcohol, capsaicin is added, which is the spicy element in chilli, and gives you the warm feeling when drinking alcohol.


Catrine Smed Andersen
PR & Communications Manager at Brøchner Hotels
Mobile: 0045 2389 9981


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