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Beds, Rooms & Hostel Suites

Hostel newbie or not. Night owl or early bird. Sleeping on your left or right. No matter what, we've made sure you get that beauty sleep with a mix of hotel luxury and comfort combined with the vibe (and budget) of a hostel. Stay shared or private – we got it all topped with some serious design, smart digital features, light sensors, dark hallways and much more…

Forget all hostel-horror-stories


14 minigolf lanes all around the hostel

A luxury design hostel combined with a cool camping concept with minigolf… We bet you haven't seen this before, right? But at BOOK1 you will! In the bar area and all around the social spaces, you can play your way through 14 minigolf lanes. Why? Because here you get so much more than a place to sleep - you get an awesome experience from the second you step inside. Now that’s what we call a...

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Cocktails & pitchers

BOOK1 Design Hostel Drinks (11)

Loads of beer

Goodies in the bar

In a social kind of mood? This is where all the magic happens! We assume you like liquid just as much as us. And boy, do we got you covered here! Beans, boozy, or fizzy – the bar is always packed with a selection that will tickle your taste buds! Tickle tickle. And the best part: it's all yours to hang in 24/7.

Oh, and we have our own take on “Happy Hour” with not just one but two of the happiest hours, ever!

The Happiest hours ...with special offers every day!

Epic Events

We are keeping the event-party going aaaaall week, so you have something to join every day. And boy, do we have a ridiculously epic line-up planned! When the sun sets (and sometimes even before), that’s when the magic starts: bouncing Dj tunes, themed quizzes, minigolf battles, special goodies in the bar, and much much more.

What's on:

Organic brekkie & street food

Our chef got you covered day and night... Kick off your day with the best organic brekkie in town, and tickle your tastebuds with authentic street food in bowls for your lunch and evening cravings

Cool Social Spaces

Our social spaces have that exciting feeling that anything can happen. We're all about fun times, and social bonding. So, all over BOOK1, you have cool social spaces to hang in and get well… social. If you want to that is, cause there’s something for everyone – both social bugs and private solo-riders. A large buzzing bar-centric space, cozy spots just to chill, line-up of high tables for the...

Let's hang

There's also all this...

Free high-speed wifi Free high-speed wifi
Bike rental Bike rental
Private sauna Private sauna
24/7 laundry 24/7 laundry
Running routes Running routes
Park just outside Park just outside

Say hello to Book1

Okay, let’s be frank. You may get the chills when hearing the word “hostel” – or this might be sweet music to your ears. Either way, we are completely changing the hostel-game with this one and gone beyond the basics here. BOOK1 Design Hostel puts all your hostel-prejudices to shame. Simply put. So, whether you are a backpacker newbie or hostel pro – this one should be added to your travel-bucket-list!

BOOK1 is made to be a moment maker. It is a unique design hostel set in the best part of Aarhus, where we’ve combined the luxury and comfort of a hotel (our expertise) and the edgy buzzing vibe and budget of a hostel. So, if you’re looking for a cool extraordinary luxury experience, something a little different, but for a fraction of the price - then this is your calling. We’ve even thrown in a humongous portion cool design for you - no extra charge!

Besides having the luxurious comfort and cool vibe, the design is what sets BOOK1 apart. Think designer furniture, funky elements, and different cool (and surprising) art installations. We’ve even installed an airstream bar in the middle of it all - packed with really good stuff on the shelves.

And here’s one for the story-seekers. Before we turned it into a design hostel, BOOK1 used to be the main library in Aarhus. And we sure love storytelling! So, the many of the architectural elements from the library are incorporated in the design. All around you find original interior like the lamps, the round staircase, and the large wooden doors. Even the name of the hostel refers to all the books stashed side-by-side along with the fact that this is our very first design hostel. And when it comes to our line-up of rooms, cocooning is the word here. Social, but with a luxury of total privacy with smart features, light sensors, and dark hallways. They range in size and budget from shared Pod Dorms to Private Rooms, and upscale Hostel Suites. Fun fact: our Pod Dorms are designed to resemble open bookshelves to sleep in… in queen-sized beds!

Now, if we haven’t gotten your attention yet, then how about 14 fun minigolf lanes spread all around the hostel? The vibe at BOOK1 is fun, playful, and vibrant. There’s always something happening. It is the pulse of Aarhus, so you can be sure that there are both locals, travellers, and students to mingle with.

To sum it up: BOOK1 is all about good times and good night sleeps. Travel-addiction is the only side-effect we've seen so far. So, forget those backpacker horror-stories and make this your next destination – or just come visit from around the corner. Cause everyone is welcome here!