When we say that we believe in creating hotels with care and attention, we mean it. We strive to take care of the climate and the people around us within different areas of sustainability where all hotels are involved. And we work hard on improving in these areas every day. So, just to name a few things here... (more interesting insights ready for you, when scrolling down)

Good morning. It’s organic!, we’re quite delighted to say, has the organic gold-mark at all our hotels. To receive this certified mark, the breakfast must be between 90-100% organic, which we report to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration every month.

As part of the international eco-label Green Key we take actions in relation to saving energy everywhere we can. Also, we collaborate with the Danish company Danfoss to go that extra mile to control the automatic temperature in the rooms to emit as little energy as possible.

our breakfast ‘good morning. it’s organic!’
is gold marked at all our hotels

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