About us

At Brøchner Hotels we want to create extraordinary experiences for our guests, partners and employees. We believe in creating different hotels and reinventing a hotel stay – with great care and attention. So much that this is our clear mission for the company.

For us a stay is not just a room or a bed. It is a passion. It is warmth, generosity, friends, family and colleagues. It is to feel welcome. Everyone, hotel guests or not, can “check in” with us. It is a place to meet. Where you can come and go, but also where you can linger. We always have a special spot for a cocktail in the bar, a good cup of coffee in the lobby or for some breakfast to start off the day. Equally important is that you always experience the warmth of our service from everyone you meet from our Brøchner team.

Today we have 6 boutique hotels in central Copenhagen - and a hostel on the way, opening 2020 in Aarhus. When we develop a property for a new hotel, it is the passion that drives us. A passion focusing on the guest experience. From the first architectural drawing to the final touch. Therefore, both the architecture of the building, the local area and the design are a great part of our hotel concepts. We want to tell you a unique story in every detail.