Events Events all around our locations for you to drop in for...

Who says a hotel can’t be a buzzing drop-in kind of spot in town? Certainly not us!
Good vibes and a great atmosphere are everything when staying with us. So, we blur the lines between hotel and vibrant event venue - and simply make things happen directly at our locations. No matter where you choose to stay, we’ve got something good up our sleeves for you to join – either directly at your hotel or at one of our other locations around town. And they are always open for everyone to join!

While you’re sipping wine, beer or drinks, we are serving you year-round events with everything from live acts and concerts to Dj lineup and pop-ups our urban rooftops or in the cool lobby bars.

Tune In

Hotel Ottilia

Every First Thursday / 16.00

Hotel Danmark - The Rooftop

Every Friday / 16.00

Oh, no... We don't have any upcoming events here right now.

Open for everyone to drop by!

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