19. November 2015

The hotel chain Brøchner Hotels is placing all bets on ecology on their breakfast tables. This is an investment that is going to give its guests quality for affordable prices – an investment that has awarded the hotel chain with the golden stamp from the Danish Food Standards Agency.

“And since over 90 percent of our breakfast options are organic, we have received the finest and most organic stam, the gold stamp. Many hotels advertise with organic breakfast but the organic options are often just a few products such as juice and bread. With our breakfast concept ‘Good Morning. It’s Organic.’ we offer ecology in all categories. Coffee, tea, bread, butter, ham, bacon, sausages and so on,” says CEO Karim Niels, Brøchner Hotels.

It won’t be more expensive for our guests

The commodities for an organic breakfast are about 25-30 percent more expensive than non-organic products. But the price for the guests at Brøchner Hotels will be the same as before.

“We consider ecology an investment – an investment that will prove a competitive benefit for us. The prices at Danish restaurants are generally high from an international perspective which can be a problem when we are competing with other countries about tourists. High taxes are one of the reasons for the high prices – a problem which can only be solved politically. But every hotel and tourist company can – within the set lines – do a lot to develop produts of high quality at competitive and affordable prices,” says Karim Nielsen.

Comprehensive Documentation

To keep the gold stamp, Brøchner Hotels has to submit a monthly accounting to the Food Standards Agency in order to ensure the high standards.

“And it is fair, even though it results n a lot of administrative work. The trustworthiness of the gold stamp depends on the fact that what is marketed as organic, really is organic,” says Karim Nielsen and emphasizes that the organic breakfast is a part of Brøchner Hotels’ goal of operating socially responsible hotels.

“We want to serve the costumers healthy and tasty food that is produced without i.e. pesticides and where the manufacturers have animal welfare in mind,” says Karim Nielsen.

The three Brøchner Hotels that have received the gold stamp are Hotel SP34, Hotel Danmark and Hotel Astoria. They are located in central Copenhagen and have 299 rooms combined.

The Food Standards Agency awards the stamp in three versions. To receive the bronze stamp, over 30 percent of the commodities need to be organic. In order to receive the silver stamp, over 60 percent of the commodities need to be organic. The golden stamp is given when more than 90 percent of the commodities are organic.

For further information, please contact:
Karim Nielsen
CEO of Brøchner Hotels
T: 00 45 20 21 21 15


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