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Calling all the Aarhus peeps!
Okay, so now that we've brought a game-changing hostel to your town, you should benefit from that! Simply put… you get special offers as a neighbour to BOOK1 Design Hostel. And when we say neighbour, we mean everyone living in Aarhus! And it's FOR FREE!

What's even better?
You always get discounts for up to 4 people! So bring your entire gang for killer drinks in the bar or a staycation! To get your hands on these local benefits, you just need the magical HEY NEIGHBOUR!-card. You get this by dropping by the hostel and ask for it. Easy peasy.

Now, let's get to those special perks we were talking about before. Here you go...

Your perks:
Your perks:
Stay at book1

10% off

See how to sleep Brøchner Hotels - 10% off - See how to sleep

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See luxury hotels Brøchner Hotels - 20% off - See luxury hotels
In the bar

10% off

See what awaits Brøchner Hotels - 10% off - See what awaits

You Always Get

Goodies in the Bar


We have our own take on “Happy Hour”. But why settle for one? So, you get TWO of the happiest hours ever with epic offers – every day! So, bring your favorite people and drop by!

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Events, concerts & more

You are of course invited to all our events – anytime, anywhere. And we top it with exclusive invites to special happenings, launch and more.

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