BOOK1 Design Hostel Organic Breakfast
BOOK1 Design Hostel Organic Breakfast (3

Best brekkie
In town!

Good morning. It's organic!

We take our breakfast pretty seriously. Every morning there’s a legend waiting for you: GOOD MORNING. IT’S ORGANIC! (yup, it’s so good, it has its own name). Legendary in what way, you might ask? Well, do a quick search around this website (or Google), and you’ll find out that this bad boy is known from our luxury hotels. So, what we are saying is that at this hostel, you will be served a breakfast on a luxury hotel’s level!

We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just making all your favorites breakfast options, really, really well. You get a wide array of delicious and healthy morning treats including beverages. We also got loads of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The best part? You don’t have to do any of it yourself! Every morning while the roosters are still sleeping, our chef rolls out of bed. Ready to create pure morning-magic for you.

Oh, and organic brewed beans, organic premium tea and juices are always part of the breakfast feast.

Organic black beans

….get your latte for only DKK 35,-

Organic tea

DKK 79,-  
Kids 2-10 years = DKK 50,- 

Every day
07:00 - 11:00 

We’re ready to serve you on daily – at the same time, so you know exactly when to wake up. No fuss, no confusion.

A true breakfast legend!

Huge 'gram potential
Huge 'gram potential
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Beans with


Food waste
= no thanks

O-r-g-a-n-I-c Brekkie with a conscious

We take both our breakfast, coffee, and the environment pretty damn serious. So, when we say organic, we mean it. You get a wide array of organic (and healthy) morning treats - where the products are as close to home as possible and preferably from local suppliers.

We minimize food waste, through measurements, portion-sized servings, optimized purchases, and recycling. We sort in every area to minimize waste and increase the amount we reuse.

The waste for each unit is measured monthly, to set new goals and keep our high standards. Cause there’s never an end-goal here!