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Our chef got you covered day and night!

To say we take our breakfast seriously would be a total understatement. So, we are of course serving our legendary organic breakfast known from our hotels: GOOD MORNING. IT’S ORGANIC! So, expect breakfast on a luxury hotel level. You get a wide array of delicious and healthy morning treats including beverages.

For your evening cravings, we are serving up a fusion of authentic Mexican and Asian street food - prepped by our chef with fresh local ingredients. You get delish bowls to indulge in with homemade dips and your own choice of protein topping from Korean beef to Mexican chili and Filipino BBQ pork.

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day (do we even need to ask)? Then get all the insights onto our breakfast concept here...

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We assume you like liquid just as much as us. And boy, do we got you covered here! Beans, boozy, or fizzy – the bar is always packed with a selection that will tickle your taste buds! Tickle tickle. And we don’t just serve random stuff. Oh no, we go beyond the basic here. You’ll find handpicked goodies from a fine range of wine to the best craft beer and tasty cocktails.

Oh, and we have our own take on “Happy Hour” with not just one but two of the happiest hours ever with epic offers. We call it BOTTOMS UP! and SHOTS UP!

The Happiest hours ...with special offers every day!
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