4. May 2015

As the only Scandinavian hotel, Hotel SP34 is featured on the hot list of the best new hotels in the world in 2015. It is the American travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler, which is one of the world’s most prominent and trendsetting travel magazines, who is responsible for the list.

Once again, the Copenhagen based Hotel SP34 in Sankt Peders Stræde has found itself, to be in exclusive international company. The hotel, which is owned by the hotel group Brøchner Hotels, jas joined the list of the 60 best new hotels in 2015. It is the internationally renowned and New York based travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler who have selected 60 properties to make the 2015 Hot List after being vetted by editors and contributors who visited hundreds of recently opened properties around the world, from West Africa to Miami. Hotel SP23 has been included in the category for “Best Design” and is the only Danish and Scandinavian hotel present on the list of 60 hotels worldwide.

This year, an invisible and seemingly effortless attention to detail was appreciated more than over-the-top gestures. Condé Nast Traveler Editor-in-Chief Pilar Guzman says, “The standout properties were those that understood the intuitive needs of the modern traveler. The sweet spot for a Hot List hotel is a combination of old-school extravagance and service with just the right measure of modernity.”

Last year Hotel SP34 was highlighted in yet another internationally recognized lifestyle and trend magazine, Wallpaper. Here Hotel SP34 joined the list of “Best Urban Hotel in the World 2014”. Furthermore, Wallpaper’s travel editor chose the hotel as “Hotel of the Month” in June 2014.

Hotel SP34 as a tourist attraction

Hotel SP34 opened in April of 2014. The international media, bloggers and design aficionados admire the hotel’s simple yet elegant Scandinavian architecture, its luxury as well as its relaxed and warm atmosphere, which flows through the hotel. It has also been praised for tis unique and central location in the old Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, which is buzzing from the many exciting restaurants, local bars, galleries and vintage stores.

“These are qualities that attract a new group of cosmopolitan, culturally interested and dare I say “luxury bohemians” – who is inspired by trendsetting magazines such as Condé Nast and Wallpaper, when they choose their travel destination. These “luxury bohemians” travel frequently – and spend a lot of money. For them, an exciting hotel experience is in itself a reason for their travel and choice of destination. In other words, Hotel SP34 is fast becoming an attraction in its own, that can help bring a new crowd of tourists, who have money to spend, to Copenhagen. We are thus only promoting Hotel SP34, but the entire city of Copenhagen as a beautiful and modern tourist destination”, says Karim Nielsen, CEO of Brøchner Hotels.

Since its opening, Hotel SP34 has been visited by more than 400 international journalists and bloggers from all around the world.

The name Hotel SP34 stems from the address in Sankt Peders Stræde 34 in Copenhagen. The hotel has 118 rooms, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, rooftop terrace, private cinema and conference facilities. The hotel is a part of the family owned hotel chain Brøchner Hotels, which also includes Hotel Astoria and Hotel Danmark. The three hotels are all located in the city centre of Copenhagen and have 299 rooms altogether.

Caption: Among other qualities, Hotel SP34 has become an attraction because of its design, which brings design and culturally interested tourist to Copenhagen.

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