Our business


We want reinvent hotel stays and offer unique experiences with our boutique hotels. It is the starting point for building a new hotel. How do we do that? First of all, we work strategically to create growth to the city and mark our market position. The driving force for us is to develop projects that can contribute to the city and help put Copenhagen on the world map. It is important that our hotels contribute to making the area an attractive location. So, this is something we consider with new business opportunities.

We want to create unique hotels and our mission is to be the leading chain of boutique hotels in Denmark. We are well on track.  However, this can only be executed with the right team. I believe that a strong culture is the driving force behind any successful business. We let our employees take responsibility, so that they can develop and grow. We invest in our employees with education and further training, educational trips and talent teams for potential young leaders. As part of the culture we are also working with the core values: responsibility, passion and attention.

We now have 6 boutique hotels and a hostel, and we intend to move our position forward as the leading chain of boutique hotels. So, we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop new boutique hotels and hostels

Feel free to contact me for new potential projects or opportunities for cooperation.

Søren Brøchner-Mortensen
Owner & Director of Business Development