Social spaces

& bars

At Hotel Ottilia you will have plenty of cool social areas to hang out in - all cozy and buzzing with an amazing atmosphere to make you feel at home. So much so that you might don’t want to leave! And that's exactly how you should feel when staying with us. Pick your spot between the cozy Salon or the other 4 connecting rooms, the cool industrial Dipylon hall with fireplace or in the round beautiful chambre. All perfect for locals and travelers to socialize, sip a good cups of coffee or catch up on some reading or do some work.

In need of a great cocktail or a local beer? Well, then you have two different bars to pick from (one simply wasn't enough!). On the top of the hotel you can sip cocktails with a superb view of the entire city - inside in urban surroundings with a lab display or outside on the rooftop terrace. In the lobby you will be surrounded by sophisticated cool details and the old silos to accompany your drink.

When you take a tour around the hotel, you will also discover all the hidden gems this old industrial building holds .For a unique experience we’ve have created light-installations, a gallery, digital surfaces and water with light in the silos behind the lobby bar - cool right?

So drop in anytime and get an extraordinary experience!

one way or another
- you will feel right at home