welcome family!

Planning a family trip in Copenhagen? Look no further! Kids are a pretty big thing around here, so we have done our best to make all our boutique hotels kid-friendly and fun, so you will have the best family vacation! You might even start a new family tradition and visit us every year. That would be awesome!

At all our hotels, you can stay in rooms that fit your whole gang - from Superior Double Rooms to Suites - we've even got private bunk bed rooms with 6 beds and in-room bath with shower at our luxury boutique hotel, Hotel Danmark. The only question here is 'top or bottom?' - but we will let you handle that one.

For breakfast we have lots of healthy organic goodies at the buffet and FREE PANCAKES & HOT COCOA for all kids (major parent-points to earn here). Kids under 12 years get breakfast for half price (free breakfast for toddlers under 2 years). Afterwards, the kids can colour their own special placemat with a drawing of Copenhagen. If you need high chairs they are available in all our restaurants.

You also get access to free high speed Wi-Fi - giving the kids access to their usual favorite online entertainment  (for example while the parents can enjoy Wine Hour.)

But you are here to experience Copenhagen too right? We know all the good spots! So, we already made a list of recommendations for all the kid-friendly activities/experiences you don't want to miss. Everyone can access our recommendations in Google Maps, and always have it available.